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Targeted marketing communications are our core focus. We provide affordable dialoguemarketing solutions through the use of appropriate technology.

These solutions seek to:
bullet Encourage repeat sales
bullet Improve customer retention
bullet Establish stakeholder relationships
bullet Improve loyalty
bullet Improve brand awareness
bullet Improve operational efficiency and effectiveness

No matter what your objectives, the basic principles of dialoguemarketing rely on some key components:


Delivering the right interactive messages, in the right way, to the right people, at the right time


Delivering appropriate rewards and benefits to match individual customer needs and preferences, in exchange for actionable customer information or specific response behaviour


Developing a systematic approach to tracking, storing and responding to customer interactions

bullet Integrating the acquired information with strategies that lead towards enhanced customer spend, through improved relationships
bullet Using technology to manage, monitor and respond to the intricate relationships between the customer and the organisation
bullet Using technology to manage, monitor and respond to the internal organisational processes, ensuring service delivery remains aligned with the customer's expectations
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Is there a company in business today that is not deeply concerned with the issue of customer attrition and margin erosion?

To acquire a new customer costs more than to retain an existing customer.

Mass marketing campaigns are increasingly producing lower returns on investment as markets mature, and consumers become more sophisticated. Recent research indicates that as little as 6% of revenue can be directly related to your mass marketing expenditure. The rest of your revenue is subject to random behaviour and is easily attracted away.

What are you doing about retaining your existing clients?

Sustainable competitive advantages are difficult to achieve.

Your business operates within a fragmented, competitive environment where barriers to entry are relatively low. Sustainable competitive advantages are difficult to achieve. Marketing expenditure, to achieve differentiation is expensive with no conclusive evidence of a correlation between marketing expenditure and revenue growth.

Does this sound like your situation?

A new approach is fast becoming a key strategy.

dialoguemarketing, seeks to engage the customer in a two way, value added communication, using a combination of automated technology and appropriate processes to generate repeated interactions over time that lead to positive customer experiences.

These experiences are managed through the combination of processes and technologies which seeks to know and understand individual customers better, and to apply this improved understanding in a way that builds deeper, more profitable relationships.

This strategy is based on a very simple premise.

As you develop stronger relationships with your best customers, they will stay with you longer. The longer they stay, the more they spend, the greater the positive word of mouth, the more profitable you become.

Are you managing your customers' experiences?



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