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Our pricing is surprisingly affordable, thereby making it accessible to a broader market. Pricing is made up of various components, depending on complexity and the combination of services you require.
Additional account management is charged at a rate of R100.00 (excluding) per hour.
The monthly hosting and management fee includes access to a dialoguemarketing tracking and billing reports. The tracking report reflects the number of messages (sms, email and fax) processed and delivered, the number of recipients that respond and the number of recipients that unsubscribe. Additional reports can be designed at a rate of R250.00 (exclusive) per hour. All data captured, and responses received from recipients is exportable at no additional charge.
Additional application customisation can be conducted on an ad hoc basis of R250.00 (exclusive) per hour.
Branded templates are designed at R750.00 (exclusive) per template.
Ad hoc once-off campaigns, inclusive of message compilation, data import and implementation, are charged at R450.00 (exclusive) per campaign, which includes 10,000 database entries, thereafter R0.075 per entry.

All quoted fees do not include the cost of sms or fax transmissions. These are in addition to the quoted fees and are volume based.
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It is entirely possible to enjoy a fully managed dialoguemarketing solution for as little as R1,000.00 per month (exclusive), with no need to hire or train personnel, or to purchase complicated and expensive hardware, or to pay for internet connections.

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