dialogue marketing


Meet the Founder
Mission Statement

Mark Pawley - CEO

Mark holds BBA, MBA and Ph.D (Business Management) degrees. He is also a Chartered Marketer and a serial entrepreneur. Relationship marketing, retention marketing, CRM, one-to-one marketing or dialoguemarketing, call it what you will, is becoming a business imperative to survive in an increasingly fragmented and competitive global environment. Mark has conceptualised and developed an affordable solution that allows smaller businesses to compete effectively with their larger counterparts, without the cost of additional hardware or ongoing personnel expenses. Mark looks forward to helping you develop and implement a dynamic relationship marketing strategy.


The principals upon which this business are founded are:
bullet To develop, source and supply dialogue communication solutions to our market at prices that offer exceptional value, allowing more businesses to enhance their customer and stakeholder relationships.
bullet To not compromise on service or quality.
bullet To develop long term, lasting relationships with our customers.
bullet To continuously strive for service and product excellence.
bullet To be innovative by continually listening to our customers, and launching products that meet their needs.
bullet To be flexible enough to offer customised solutions without the exorbitant cost.
bullet To be proud of the service we provide, the product we produce and the organisation we are with.

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