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Talk to Your Customers, It Pays Dividends
You have to tangibly demonstrate that you appreciate your customer to the point where you are willing to earn your customer's loyalty repeatedly. This type of behaviour is conspicuous by its absence. Talking to your customers is not about mass email or sms campaigns, this is merely a cheaper more efficient way of achieving the same thing, mass marketing with no individualized appeal. It can erode brand value and is annoying. Truly talking to your customers is about engaging in dialogue. Allow for feedback, provide responses, build relationships. These are all hallmarks of the dialoguemarketing system. Communication is a business imperative.
For some industries retention marketing is aimed at the vulnerable customers, to reduce attrition and defection. In this regard, marketing retention strategies that steadily reduce the defection rate over long periods of time are more successful and generate greater profit returns each successive year. Immediate promotional offers and discounts merely delay the defection decision, since they fail to address the reasons for defection or to get to know the customer. Short term strategies are usually unjustified financially. For many industries though, most customers are vulnerable all of the time, making purchase decisions with no brand loyalty.
In these instances the strategy is less one of retention marketing, and more about making a positive impact. Positive impact strategies are about the customer experience, are long term in nature and are area in which dialoguemarketing is profoundly powerful.
Manage Your Back End to Create Positive Customer Experiences
It is crucial to optimise every single customer touch point, to name a few, product displays, in-store music and atmosphere, employee cleanliness and courtesy, delivery punctuality, production accuracy and lead time, quality control, customer feedback, invoicing accuracy, website layout and functionality, telephone etiquette, store access and employee interactions. Any failure, at any one of the many touch points, can easily undo your many marketing efforts and lead to defection.
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If you look at the many integrated business functions that need to perform in harmony, it is easy to see why customer service suffers. Fortunately dialoguemarketing can act as the overseer of the various functions, prompt for timely employee action, report any oversights, communicate with the customer, receive feedback on service and product delivery, request information from suppliers, keep customers updated and request timely payment of outstanding fees.

How is all this achieved? Quite simply by recognising all the parties involved in a successful transaction, then proactively communicating with each of the relevant parties, at the most appropriate time, in the most appropriate medium, to ensure timely actions are being taken to ensure customer expectations are being met. Not only does dialoguemarketing act as a call to action, but it also plays a controlling function. Actions taken by the integrated business functions are reported to management, by means of communication, thereby ensuring that management remains in a strong decision-making position. These types of intricate communications assure that your service levels are optimised and the customer experience is positive. They expect nothing less.

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