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Your Debtors are Your Customers
The debt collection department is notoriously unfriendly, and usually not customer-centric. Of course delinquent accounts need to be managed effectively, but imagine the destruction of customer value when a legitimately late payment incurs a response from the company that is so harsh, it leads to a lost customer. The challenge is to manage your debtors as customers, but at the same time identify those accounts that may become delinquent and then to categorise the level of response based on the amount to be collected.
The dialoguemarketing application is premised on communication. An effective approach to debtor management is to engage your customers early. Provide value for the customer through reminders, opportunities to report timely queries and hassle free methods of payment. These communications can be established to automatically recur each period, and are effective in that they act as an early warning system. The benefit of engaging the customer in dialogue is that the communications remain customer-centric, without the involvement of notoriously unfriendly debtors departments.
Manage Your Debtors for Profit
Imagine a system so flexible that it allows you to build your own debtor management system. Well you can. The system will accommodate as many variables as you want, to effectively segment your accounts for different types of action. Poor debtor management is a rapid method of eroding margins. The crucial issue is to identify potentially delinquent accounts early enough to take action. The dialoguemarketing application engages the customer throughout, from before an amount becomes due to past due.
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Amounts due are easily segmented into categories for action, from ignore through to legal proceedings. Failure by a customer to meet a due date is immediately detected by the application and reported to the relevant personnel, with accelerated dialogues being sent to the customer. Continued failure to make a payment by the customer automatically triggers action requests by the application. Of course payment is automatically met by the appropriate customer-centric responses. Such a system allows you to effectively manage the money due to you, and to take appropriate action on accounts that may become delinquent, without unnecessarily damaging a relationship that may remain of value.

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