dialogue marketing


Features Benefits
Message Sequencing Allows you to combine multiple messages, in order to engage the recipient in a dialogue
Response Filtering Allows you to offer your recipients customised solutions, through recipient response filtering
Unlimited Custom Survey Fields Allows you to insert questions within your Emails that lead to customer insights, and which drives response filtering
Real-Time Database Updates Allows your recipients responses to be automatically recorded within the database
Third Party Notification Allows you to notify a third party of an event triggered by your recipient e.g. feedback using a survey field
Template Import Allows you to import branded Email templates
Recurring Sequences Allows you to automatically send recurring sequences e.g. monthly debtor management 
Advanced Scheduler Allows you to automatically or manually activate messages and/or sequences 
Date Specific Recurring Messages Allows you to automatically send messages that are date driven e.g. birthdays 
Period Specific Recurring Messages Allows you to automatically send messages that time period driven e.g. weekly, monthly, yearly payment reminders 
Multiple Message Mediums Allows you to use multiple formats e.g. HTML Email, Plain Text Email, Fax or SMS 
Advanced Filtering Allows you to effectively segment your database for targeted messages
Unlimited Custom Data Fields Allows you to make the best use of your data, through the inclusion of custom data fields e.g. segmentation 
Unsubscribe Code Allows your recipients to effortlessly unsubscribe from future messages 
Online Message Editor Allows you to construct your messages online with minimal delay 
Import Facility Allows you to upload new data effortlessly, without the need for manual capturing 
Export Facility Allows you to export data for backup or analysis purposes 
Multiple User Environment Allows you to provide multiple users access to the application 
Access Control Allows you to restrict access to various features of the application 
SMS Reply Service Allows you to receive responses to the sms messages you send out 
Advanced Mail Merge Allows you personalise your messages by incorporating the contents of the custom data fields, or the contents of the custom survey fields 

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