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Privacy Policy for Customers and Visitors to the dialoguemarketing Web Site

Privacy Principles
dialoguemarketing conducts a business around information, for this reason its internet affairs are conducted under the following privacy principles:

  Principle 1 - Your Information is Secure
All information gathered by
dialoguemarketing, from the web site and customer information collected and/or stored, is considered confidential. Industry standard security mechanisms are used to protect this information from loss, misuse and unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration and destruction.

  Principle 2 - Limited Access to your Information
will not divulge the information collected to any third parties, except where required.

 Principle 3 - Use of Cookies and other Data Collection Methods
does not make use of Cookies or other below the line methods of data collection.

  Principle 4 - Personal Information
will only make use of your personal information in the format authorised by you. No personal information is divulged to third parties, and any use of your personal information outside of this mandate, will only be with your express permission.


  Principle 5 - Access to Personal Information Stored at dialoguemarketing
You and your customers, upon verification, have access to any information that dialoguemarketing holds in the internet database. dialoguemarketing may store information about customers in other databases for secondary purposes such as marketing. For more information about changing the information in these databases please contact us.

  Principle 6 - Opting Out
Individuals may opt-out of receiving future marketing communications from dialoguemarketing. To remove your name from our e-mail list, please send us an e-mail where the subject title is REMOVE, or alternatively make use of the opt-out function at the bottom of any e-mail.

  Principle 7 - Changes to our Privacy Policy
If dialoguemarketing considers making any material changes to the way your personally identifiable information is used, we will seek your authority first.

  For More Information
If you have any questions or comments about this policy you may contact us for further information.


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