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Your Suppliers are Your Partners
As customer-centric as your business may be, this will all amount to nought unless you are able to align your suppliers philosophies with your vision. Invariably supply chain inefficiency is the weak link in being customer-centric, and it takes proactive management of this chain to yield efficiency gains. Unfortunately, unless you manage your suppliers, it is your reputation and brand that suffers. Suppliers are generally inflexible, product focussed and poor communicators. If you truly value your suppliers as partners then the challenge is to manage your suppliers for efficiency.
The dialoguemarketing application is premised on communication. An effective approach to supplier management is to engage your suppliers from the outset. Prompt your suppliers for feedback, provide reminders of key dates and deadlines, offer timely opportunities to report delays and accelerate ignored requests up the managerial hierarchy. Integrate this information into your customer care initiatives, to ensure your customers receive a truly valuable experience. These communications can be established automatically, and can prompt for supplier input. Once this input is received, it can be communicated to your customer care representatives.
The benefit of engaging your suppliers is that you are placed in a proactive position, and your suppliers receive the benefit of ongoing account management. You are completely aware of the status of your outstanding orders at all times, which means you are in a better decision-making position, and less likely to be caught unawares.
Manage Your Suppliers for Efficiency
Imagine a system so flexible that it allows you to build your own supplier management system. Well you can. The system will accommodate as many variables as you want, to effectively segment your suppliers for different types of management. Poor supplier management leads to poor adherence to deadlines, which means poor word-of-mouth and ultimately lost customers. The crucial issue is to manage your suppliers for efficiency, and this is achieved through regular, timely communications to ensure they remain within their own declared deadlines.
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The dialoguemarketing application engages the supplier throughout, from the time the order is placed, to receipt of the order for despatch. Automatic prompts for feedback ensure orders remain on schedule, and any deviation is reported in a timely manner. These efficiency gains provide a competitive advantage over competitors who do not overtly manage their supplier relationships, but rather leave order processing to random supplier behaviour.

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